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Hammer House, Soho

Step into the transformed bathroom interiors of Hammer House in Soho, a historic site where iconic Hammer House of Horror films were penned. Now office space, the washrooms […]

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United Grand Lodge of England, Holborn

Witness the captivating interior transformation of the former Lodge Rooms at Freemasons Headquarters in Holborn, now elegantly housing their offices. A bespoke Royal Blue carpet, reminiscent of Freemason’s […]

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Princes Gate, Knightsbridge

Indulge in the interior transformation of Princes Gate, Knightsbridge’s concierge, and communal areas. This prestigious property, facing Hyde Park, epitomises London luxury. The diamond-laid marble floor sets a […]

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A Symphony of Heritage

A Symphony of Heritage and Modernity: The Stunning Reception of The Law Society Jonathan Sethna Interiors isn’t confined to residential realms alone; their transformative touch extends to public […]

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Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond: How Mirrored Ceilings Reshape Dining Experiences Dive into the world of innovative design with a striking example from Jonathan Sethna Interiors at The Juice Smith […]

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Tranquil Luxury

Tranquil Luxury Master Bedroom Indulge in the serene symphony of neutral tones that grace a bedroom setting, where beauty and tranquillity unite in perfect harmony. Enter the luxury […]

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Timeless Elegance

Timeless Elegance: Monochrome Natural Marble in Luxurious Residential Bathrooms When it comes to designing luxurious residential bathrooms, the use of monochrome natural marble is a timeless choice that […]

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The Power of Computer Generated

The Power of Computer Generated Images in Interior Design: A Glimpse into Jonathan Sethna Interiors’ Project in Hatch End, North London Computer-generated images (CGIs) have revolutionized the way […]

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Elevating Luxury with Feature Lighting

  • June 10, 2023
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Elevating Luxury with Feature Lighting: The Captivating Impact of Cascading Crystal Chandeliers In the realm of luxurious residential homes, feature lighting plays a crucial role in creating an […]

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