Elevating elegance

Elevating elegance

Elevating elegance: The allure of jewel-like lighting and the role of artwork

Nestled in Surrey, a hidden gem of a cocktail bar awaits those seeking a Mayfair-style experience. This cocktail bar, a creation of Jonathan Sethna Interiors, is a testament to the power of design in shaping ambiance.

Dramatic artwork takes centre stage in this Mayfair-inspired haven, infusing the space with a subconscious message and vibe. It’s a crucial element in bringing the interior to life, evoking emotions and setting the tone. The chosen colours are equally dramatic, playing a pivotal role in defining the overall aesthetic, adding layers of richness and depth.

The magic of the space extends to its lighting fixtures. Glamorous spherical glass pendants and gold molten flux effect wall lights resemble jewels, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the atmosphere.

Jonathan Sethna Interiors, known for their expertise in designing bars and restaurants in London, Surrey, and beyond, continue to redefine luxury and style in the world of hospitality. Their commitment to creating immersive, visually stunning experiences is a true work of art.