Reviving History

Reviving History

Reviving History: Jonathan Sethna Interiors Timeless Transformation in Marylebone

Jonathan Sethna Interiors recently undertook a remarkable project in the heart of London’s Marylebone, breathing new life into a beautiful red-brick mansion. Our mission: to transform the entrance lobbies and communal areas while paying homage to the building’s rich Edwardian history.

With a deep appreciation for the existing architecture and interior features, our team meticulously designed the space, maintaining a sympathetic approach. The result? A stunning monochrome design that seamlessly blends the old with the new. The monochrome palette pays homage to the Edwardian era, creating an ambiance that’s both timeless and sophisticated.

At Jonathan Sethna Interiors, we specialise in transforming the communal areas and common parts of residential mansion blocks with stunning and effective results. Our passion lies in preserving the essence of historic buildings while infusing them with modern elegance and functionality.

This Marylebone project is a testament to our commitment to revitalising communal spaces, enhancing the living experience for residents, and breathing new life into beloved architectural treasures. If you’re seeking transformative interior design that respects the past while embracing the future, Jonathan Sethna Interiors is your trusted partner. Discover the magic of blending history and modernity with us.