Why Your Interior Design Project Needs Quality CGIs

Why Your Interior Design Project Needs Quality CGIs

  • August 28, 2020
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Computer Generated Images (CGIs) are visual content created using imaging software. They are used by Residential and Commercial Interior Designers to generate clean, professional and strikingly realistic illustrations of interior spaces.

The Role of CGIs in Design

CGIs can be used to test different elements such as materials, textures and overall features to ensure the best possible design well in advance of the planning and marketing phases. They render accurate scale and proportion, portraying colour spread and dimensions with unparalleled clarity. Because they are created from a digital 3D model, it is easy to customise the angle of view and adjust variables such as the lighting and finish.

The Benefits of Using CGIs

The opportunity to adapt schemes at the early stages of a project saves time as well as costly mistakes and client disappointment. Quality CGIs facilitate this by providing clients with an accurate representation of the quality in design and finish of a scheme. As technology advances, quality improves and process time reduces with the best CGIs now offering near photo-realistic quality. Moreover, a beautifully rendered CGI will compliment strong points of the image, whilst masking unnecessary details. This can provide an experience more seamless than awaiting the finished design. Furthermore, effective use of CGIs enables all parties to become intimately involved in the design process, fostering a powerful symbiosis between designer and client.

The Power of CGIs

However, the power of effective CGIs extends far beyond the convenience of predicting visual dimensions and colour proportionality. They arouse aspirations in the consumer and can evoke an intense emotional response. As anyone who understands marketing will tell you, consumers no longer buy for intellectual reasons, they buy based on how they feel. In today’s consumer culture – with its obsession with social media – our emotions are driven by visual stimuli. And it needs to be instant. Yet the traditional design process takes time and relies heavily on trial and error before buy-in can be achieved. This is where CGIs come in. It can take just a few days to generate a CGI output and the technology is professional, adaptable and relatively inexpensive.

CGIs and Marketing

It is no wonder that these days marketing is impossible to accomplish without effective visualisation. Modern consumers have high expectations in terms of the level of photorealism required to feel what it is like to interact with the latest design trends – before they are even willing to consider them. This is why if you are selling a property off plan, CGIs will likely comprise your most effective sales tool. By providing design inspiration for your clients, you are essentially selling them a dream. This fast-tracks the consumer journey towards advocacy and as a result dramatically reduces the workload for those involved in marketing the project. Experienced Interior Designers understand that quality CGIs can be directly relational to the success of a project. The more beautifully rendered the CGI images, the more effective they are to convert your prospective buyers. For this reason, Jonathan Sethna Interiors offer quality professional CGI rendering solutions to ensure you achieve your home, restaurant or bar interior design goals. We are able to provide presentation CGIs throughout the lifecycle of a project from the early design stage through to the planning and marketing phases.

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CGIs, Visualisation and Project Success

Whether to aid a planning application; market your space to prospective clients; or to ensure an enjoyable and efficient interior design experience for your dream home, Jonathan Sethna Interiors can help you to transform your project vision into a crystal-clear image. Whatever your budget or design goals, we promise that quality CGIs will offer you maximum reward with minimal outlay.

As David Swartz reminds us, clear visualisation is the key to success:

“Look at things not as they are but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A bigger thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn’t stuck with the present.”

If you’re ready to start visualising your next commercial or residential interior design project in Brighton and are looking for a friendly and experienced Interior Designer, contact us today.